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by on Apr.25, 2010, under Learning Poi

Lots of people have trouble getting the timing of poi moves correct. Without good timing, poi will not look good and it can make the difference between looking average and looking good. I find that listening to music when you’re practising helps a lot. Poi is basically, just a form of dance and any dancer will tell you that it’s almost immpossible to dance without music. Why should poi be any different?

Some people will tell you that there is special poi music in a an attempt to get you to buy their stuff. It’s all bollocks. Listen to whatever you want. I personally find pop music and dance music the best because they have such a strong beat to spin to, however they can be a bit too fast at times. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter, just do what you think will suit you best. Oh, and remember to subscribe and tell all your poi friends about us!! People leaving nice comments is also greatly appreciated!!

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New Flowlights!!

by on Mar.26, 2010, under Equipment, Poi

Flowlights have released a new colour for their famous LED Glow Poi. Flowlights now come in 5 amazing colours including the new ‘fire’ (my personal favourite). They can be bought as poi or, alternatively, you can buy just the lights and use them as handles to create dazzling effects!! At the moment Home of Poi has them cheap so if you’re interested I would get in there quick!!

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by on Nov.22, 2009, under Equipment, Learning Poi, Poi, Poi info

Many people have different opinions on what weight the perfect set of Poi would be and I think it depends on personal preference. Heavy can spin much slower and give greater control; their own momentum keeps them spinning but they can be difficult when doing more complicated moves. Light poi spin a lot faster give a greater range of options in terms of tricks that are available. However they require a lot more energy to keep them spinning.

One of the easiest ways to adjust the weight of your poi is to fill a balloon with rice and use that instead of tennis ball or glow product. If you find the weight is not quite right or you just fancy a change, you can!! This method is easiest with sock/cone poi. I read somewhere that the optimum weight for beginners is 120g, I’m not sure whether I agree with this. I think that you should experiment yourself.

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Poi, poi and more poi

by on Nov.14, 2009, under Equipment, Learning Poi, Poi

All different types of poi have different strengths and weaknesses. Sock poi allow you to do wraps but because of their stretch some other moves can be more difficult. Poi with tails look good but get tangled easily. Ball chain poi don’t tangle but are relatively heavy. The list is endless, and for this reason, I suggest that you make sure you own several different pairs of poi.

Doing this allows you to learn moves with one set of poi and then perfect it with another, meaning that new tricks are much easier to learn. It can also make things a lot more interesting; suddenly you have multiple poi to play with and depending on what you buy, some parts may be interchangeable. Having different types of poi will give you more options and make your learning experience so much easier and more exciting. All at very little cost, because, let’s face it, poi are a relatively inexpensive hobby!!

If you’re not sure which type of poi to get click here.

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The secret to becoming a poi master

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Learning Poi

There is one thing above all else that will turn you from being an average spinner to being an amazing spinner. The secret word? Transitions. These are the things that allow you to go from one trick to the next without any pause in between. Very often, people either ignore them or forget about them, but they are so important!!

There is no point learning hundreds of different moves if you can’t link them all together in one seamless motion. However, I personally find them the hardest to learn and perfect. If you want them to look good it takes a lot of practice, but the rewards at the end are great!

Try different types of transitions. Stalls make a crazy way of going from the wall plane to side plane (or the other way round). There are so many possibilities, but this is what makes poi so good, the ability to personalise it at every step!!

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